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Clay Yarborough has always worked to make our neighborhoods and schools safer for us.

As a member of the Jacksonville City Council, Clay learned first-hand the challenges our local police have by spending time with officers in some of Jacksonville’s toughest areas. A long-time member of the Sheriff’s Advisory Council, Clay worked to make sure the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office had the funds necessary to continue to fight the worst types of crime.

As our State Representative, Clay has continued his quest to make our homes and schools safer. The first bill he filed puts tighter standards on sexual predators. Now just in his second year in the legislature, Clay voted for unprecedented school hardening measures to keep our children safe. He also supported putting necessary treatment programs in place to asses and help those who could be driven to crime by mental disorders.

We can count on Clay Yarborough to put our families first and help keep us safe.


Clay Yarborough and his family have a stake in the future of Florida’s schools. Clay and his wife, Jordan, have three boys and one on the way. That is why he is working hard to improve education by advocating for higher standards, increasing funding, and making sure our schools remain safe environments in which our children can learn.

Clay supported making our schools safer with school hardening measures. He also voted to increase per-student funding and financial accountability in our schools. Clay understands how important it is for tax dollars budgeted for education to be spent where they should be – on our children.

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